Unless you're somehow blind as fuck you've already noticed I LOVE Lisa Frank!!!

Before finding out what Lisa Frank really was, I had seen glimpses of it here and there and was hugely into it, just didn't know what it was called so couldn't find out more about it. Then my friend Fluff introduced me to it more properly and been a huge raging fan ever since!!!

My story with Lisa Frank!

A Long period of my life I was surrounded by a lot of muted colors and a negative mindset, but once I came across Lisa Frank's color schemes it kinda woke something in me. Like, a warm happy feeling. Reminds me kind of like nostalgia for something you've never seen before. Slowly from there I've tried to surround myself more and more with rainbows and I'm still continuing on this quest! Since I live in Finland and Lisa Frank was mainly big only in United States, if I want to buy Lisa Frank stuff I have to pay for shipping + customs which can be a struggle as a starving artist. My friend Fluff got me a lot of Lisa Frank stickers and a puzzle tho! Thank you Fluff!!! What I still want to get is Lisa Frank clothes, posters and maybe even vintage plushies!

Lisa Frank Picz!

They even manage to make the food look so delicious! I want to consume it alllll.

Markie is my fav horsey character out of all of em! (He's the unicorn on the left pic!)

I think Lisa Frank had a big influence on me loving big cats.

The tropical themes fit very well too, having lived all my life in a frozen hellhole it makes me love the tropical ones more.

Misc of other pics I've saved and like a lot! I could find many more too but I don't want this page to be too long now haha.